Kids Club Mascot

We are delighted to announce DL1's new Kids Club Mascot! We had hundreds of entries from Schools across Darlington so picking a winner wasn't easy!

However, one stood out for us! Our Marshall Gibson designed Delta the Lemur. What we liked from his drawing was both the design and thought process behind naming Delta. Marshall has named his mascot Delta the Lemur after learning about the phonetic alphabet in his Cubs group and so Delta’s initials are “DL” and he wears the number 1 shirt! He also has a striped black and white tail just like his local football team, the Quakers! Congratulations Marshall!

Keep an eye on our social channels and website for updates on the launch of our new Kids Club!

There were also some great runners up from Red Hall Primary School, St. Johns C of Primary School, and The Rydal Academy. Take a look at our runners up photo gallery!

Runners Up

Red Hall Primary

St. John's C of E Academy

The Rydal Academy

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